I’d hoped to set and achieve simple goals each month, working under the premise that creating a habit takes about 30 days I am told.

I’ve not done this theory justice, but I just keep putting it out there.

As April approaches, I see some clear goals, some obvious changes I can make:

Drink more water

I often neglect my body’s need for water. That being said, when I do hydrate in a good way, I know I feel so much better. This habit will perhaps be on every list I make.

Spend less

Cynical and I have described February and March as very “spendy months”. Some of this was completely out of our control, some of it was due to timing. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t hold back a bit. I get itchy and twitchy when I see that much money going out. So, it’s time to trim back a bit, hold back a bit and practice some good old thriftiness.

Slow down

I’m not an overly busy sort of person. I do have some times that are much more hectic than others. I find myself, oddly enough, moving at a rampant pace any time I have something before me, some task to tackle, something on my list or on my mind. I find that when I slow down, literally, and am more deliberate, I am more at peace. I find my tasks are completed more thoroughly and are therefore more rewarding. It’s not easy for me as it has to be a conscious effort.


We’ve been talking about this for about three years. And with spring upon is, it’s the perfect timing. It’s time to dig in. . . literally.

Four is my favorite number, so I think I’ll stop now and focus on those four things before me.


As we bid farewell to March and welcome April, I am taking a moment to reflect upon what I learned in March.

  • I can cook if I want to. I just have to want to. I don’t often cook. I usually just explain that I’m simply not good at it. Truth is, honestly, that I am not confident in my skills. However, I know when I set my mind to it, I can put it all together. I just need to do it more often.
  • Sun. . . it does the body good. I have always loved fall and winter. I liked the idea of slowing down. I loved the excuse to stay home, safe and warm. But the few bits of sun we’ve had here and there this spring have been amazingly good for the soul.
  • Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. This is a lesson that not only I learned this March, but I am reminded if it regularly. This too shall pass and you will figure it out. You just have to believe that.
  • Money is only money. You spend it where your priorities lie, and that’s your decision, not anyone else’s.
  • It’s hard being part of a family. My middle brother said that to me recently and he’s right. It’s often the hardest, but most rewarding thing. Lately, though, I’m still stuck on the hard part.



photo 1

I probably spend more time in thought than I should. I waste a lot of time rambling around in my mind instead of looking around me. In those moments when I step outside of myself, and look at the world around me, I am amazed repeatedly.

As spring approaches, I see the tiny hyacinths reaching for the small bits of sun. I see the Cardinals stretching their wings and begin scratching for seeds. I watch as the squirrels sort through the mulch in search of the last bits of their stored haul.

I find myself and others basking in the sun, soaking it up as we plan for the upcoming spring and summer. This is a repetitive theme here over the past few posts, but I can’t escape it. It’s time to step outside, in so many ways.


Perhaps it’s the sunshine. Perhaps it’s the promise of spring that I saw poking through the North Carolina soil. Maybe it’s the anticipation of the greening of the season, the planning of planting fresh seeds. . . but for whatever reason I feel a since of relief, an inner peace and a gentle focus.

I ordered seeds this week. I also ordered two summer dresses. It’s all in anticipation that this winter will end and we’ll find renewal in the spring. I think that often the planning for the next season is as much fun as the quarter itself.



Tomorrow I am leaving for a bit of a whirlwind trip to North Carolina. Typically these jaunts are full of excitement, anticipation, fun, plans, and joyful times. And even though perhaps my reason for going isn’t very joyous, I hope that parts of my visit will be. I’m ready for good company, good food, little hands, a culture I long for and perhaps the solo road trip will be good for my soul.

I’ve been away from Cynical many times in my life. We’re not one of those couples that can count on one hand the number of nights we’ve spent apart. It’s just how we tick. We need our time together, but are realistic that there will be time apart. And sometimes it’s a good for each of us to have some solitude. However, I’ll miss his presence terribly this time. I wish he were traveling along beside me.

Here’s to smooth travel, adventurous pit stops and giggling little girls.

The photo above is, I think, from the first summer Cynical and I met. Young love, naïve love and growing love.


It’s a wonderful thing to be like-minded or to perhaps “get it”. I just hate that we all have to “get it” right now. Instead of common woes, I want to share common joys. We might have to concentrate on that.






It’s no secret that Sundays are sacred at our house. I guard those quiet, slow hours with my life. I protect them from the outside world as I know how precious and fleeting they can be.

Yesterday was no exception. After a beautiful, unexpectedly warm Saturday and time outside, it was a nice contrast to find myself indoors, snuggled safe and sound. That’s what home should be, isn’t it? Safe and sound, that is.

Time to do those things that are small in nature, but difficult to start, such as touching up paint on the cabinets or hanging some artwork; or perhaps starting to knit the sleeves on that sweater that has languished for far too long. Slow, quiet Sundays provide an opportunities a short morning nap, a lengthy shower not measured by the clock or time to get all of the laundry done.

I love Sundays. I love the rituals we have incorporated into them. I only wish for more.