We’d complained that this had been such a mild winter. I know that sounds odd. Most dread the cold months, but as I’ve said, I look forward the pace of winter and the opportunity to slow down.

Winter finally came, in full force, but not until February, when we were least expecting it. Ten inches of snow. Beautifully coated trees. Glistening views. It slowed us down a bit, hampered our travel and caused us some concern. However, it was truly beautiful. I am grateful for the view from my office. Glad to be inside safe and warm. Happy to have safe transportation and plenty of hearty food awaiting me each night.

As much as I am looking forward to a warm impending vacation, I’ll be sad to miss some of this, most of this.



Whenever I first met her, I thought to myself that I needed to get to know that girl. I don’t know if it was the fact that I knew she was cooler than I’d ever be, that I instantly learned that she likes to make stuff or that I could just tell she was a source of inspiration.

I did get to know her and before I knew it, I had weaseled my way into a full-fledged invitation to craft at her home. Such a welcoming soul. Such a great opportunity. I leapt at the idea.

Saturday, amidst some tough family drama, I made my way to her house, where I was literally welcomed so openly that I nearly hugged every member of the family, including the sweet, doe-eyed Great Dane.

And we crafted. And we sewed. And we shared. And we talked. And she fed me, both literally and figuratively. It was just what my latent creative heart needed.

A bunting for the mantle. A rag garland for the bedroom. An intent jar.

And for a little while, all of the drama fell away and I was knee-deep in good stuff, good creative releases.

After I got home I was still swimming with ideas. I had an itch to glue my fingers together and spill paint on the floor.

The creative energy she shared with me will go a long way. The background on my phone says to surround yourself with inspiring people. Did she know she’d be one of them?



Instead, I’m moving slowly, with small changes, small ideas and even smaller resolutions. They are all habits, really. Tiny things that need my attention and my energy.

I am hoping they’ll all add up to bigger and better things. I’ll let you know in a few months.


photoOddly there was enough daylight for a short walk last night after work. I have learned that I like to walk in the cold. The air feels fresh and crisp.

I took such a walk on New Year’s morning as well, a little fresh step into 2015, if you will.

We’re changing all the time, aren’t we? Finding new things we like. Owning up to the things we don’t. Realizing more and more who we are.

Cold weather walks do that for me.



A few days away sounded like heaven when he mentioned it. I latched onto the idea immediately. I didn’t care what we did or even where we went, the fact that it was to a cabin in the mountains was just gravy for me. I would have gone almost anywhere just to have a little break from my current reality.

Our short trip began in Nashville, with a trip to the Ryman to see Chrissie Hynde. A disappointing show featuring a grumpy icon was not how we wanted to kick off this impromptu break, but we recovered the next day with Jeni’s ice cream, thrift shopping and Trader Joe’s. It takes so very little to flip our attitudes.

We meandered along the rest of our trek to the mountains, stopping for a little shopping, again for a little dinner and lastly for provisions before tucking ourselves away into our home-away-from-home for the next few days.

A gas fireplace, a comfy bed and a hot tub greeted us. What more could this respite-seeking soul want?

We reluctantly peeled ourselves away from the cabin the next morning, driving around a bit, perusing some other cabin rental possibilities, shopping in downtown Gatlinburg, hitting a yarn shop, snacking a little and pondering the rest of our trip. I spent too much time and money in our favorite pottery shop before we finally made our way to an evening show.

Thursday was less fruitful for us. We spent a good deal of the day in the cabin, venturing out for lunch and such. I was grateful for the quiet time. Time for reading. Time for knitting. Time for the hot tub.

On Friday we snuggled ourselves in deep. I wrote. I read. I enjoyed the fire.

In between we managed to find some moonshine, hit a few shops and track down some hot chocolate.

Saturday we bid a sweet goodbye to our cozy nest and started on the road home. A stop at my favorite bookstore was, of course, fruitful. We came home in the late afternoon to some very needy and welcoming cats.

It was exactly what we needed. A plan with no real plan. No guilty over mid-morning naps. Nothing calling our name, except the warm fire and the gorgeous view.


photo 2

I can tell that fall is here just by watching the light in our house. The different slant illuminates the main living area as I walk through the door each evening, welcoming me home.

My knitting mojo is in full swing as I find myself drawn to accessories, primarily hats. . . but I’m always game for cowls too. Soon we’ll be using the handknits, adding a blanket to the bed and wrapping ourselves up in layers.


This week is a busy one. So busy in fact that I actually stopped to catch my breath yesterday. It’s all work-related. It’s nothing I haven’t tackled before. But it’s still a little overwhelming.

Last night Cynical worked and I was left to my own devices. We’d spent most of the weekend at home, relaxing and getting the “little stuff” done, so there wasn’t much for me to do other than wrangle the cats for medicine administration, fold a little laundry and clean-up after dinner.

It was rainy and stormy, so I spent the first part of my evening watching the weather and wondering which part of this massive storm would come our way. Luckily it was just rain and wind, we escaped unscathed. At some point the pitter-patter of the heavy rain just became soothing, once it was far less threatening and disconcerting.

In the midst of my stressful week, there were these few quiet hours where I sat, knitted, listened to the rain. I read a little, rubbed on my little striped cat, watched a little tv and even went to bed a tad early. We often get what we least realize we need. For me, it was respite.