If it makes you happy. . .

I had planned to give you a rundown of our weekend, but with my crazy schedule this week, I just wanted to take a minute to list a few things that are making me very, very happy these days. It’s the small things that make you smile, isn’t it? It’s also the details that make you crazy, but let’s focus here:

An online knitting community. . . that lets you make list after list. . . can it get any better than that? Warning: OCD overload, OCD overload.

During our drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway this summer, my brother brought along the soundtrack to “Once” and even though I have yet to see the movie, the music completely has captivated me. I bought the soundtrack while on a day trip over the weekend and haven’t stopped listening to the first two selections yet.

Sweet Tea
I have noted my love of sweet tea before; but I must admit that this summer I have become obsessed with sugary tea. Yes, I know it’s full of calories. Yes, I know I should choose water instead. But darnit, it sooooo sweet.

Dropping Temperatures
Even though I know that we will have a “hot spell” between now and the official start of autumn, I am loving the forecast for the next few days. Bring it on. . . I am ready for fall.

Our October will be a busy one, with two back-to-back trips planned (one to Asheville for a wedding and another to Seattle for business); and even though it’s going to be crazy at Chez Ragged, I am so excited about celebrating fall in two of the most awesome places.

The Closer
You either love her or you hate her. But I love Brenda Lee Johnson and I relish Monday night’s The Closer on TNT.

Gift Knitting
I have a confession for you: I don’t like gift knitting. It’s not that I am a selfish soul (I have been known to be a little lax in the sharing department), it’s that I don’t necessarily like knitting on a timeline, for some reason I crack under the pressure. And then there’s the fact that I live in fear that once said knit is gifted that the recipient, upon closer inspection, will notice that it is far from perfect and hence forth hate me forever. It’s a logical fear, don’t you think? Completely. That being said, I have actually completed two of the four knitted presents that I plan to give this holiday season. This makes me happy. What makes me stressed is that I have two more.

Last weekend I met up with a college friend in our old college town. There were visits to yarn shoppes, there was a nice lunch, there was touring, there was shopping. But, best of all, there was friendship. Being near my dear friend was a blessing; catching up with her important and reconnecting a most valuable gift.

And it gets better, this weekend, Needlefingers and Pilot are trekking south to spend a few days with us. I can only promise them that they will be well fed; as for a clean house and well-behaved cats to greet them, I won’t make promises I cannot keep. Full report to follow.


5 responses to “If it makes you happy. . .

  1. Your comments about gift knitting have reminded me that I have a sweet little blue hat to wear once the weather turns cold again compliments of Miss Ragged!! Yahoo! Another reason to not cut off my hair as it will look cuter with my blue hat if it’s long!

  2. Art the Omnipotent

    busy, busy, busy. sounds like a happy busy though.

  3. Long time no blog…It’s great to see you’re still blogging hard, unlike myself. I’ve started a new one and am *trying* to post on a semi-regular basis. 🙂 Nicole (formerly thisweighsonme…)

  4. I’m so ready for fall also! And I’m very glad to hear that you’ve been drinking lots of sweet tea because that means you’ve been following my request of drinking buckets of it for me! I still can’t believe that it’s impossible to find sweet tea in California.

  5. Wow! You have a great “happy” list. It really is the little things, isn’t it?

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