I am not much of a gardener, even though I really want to be. Last year I was given a peony by a good friend. I was very touched as she recalled my love for them and my memory of my grandmother having them just outside her back door.

As much as I was touched, I was a tad concerned. I wanted to take good care of this thoughtful gift and given my track record, it’s livelihood was in jeopardy.

I planted it and crossed my fingers. I was instructed by trusted gardening friends to cut it back, way back, when winter set in.

And when someone announced that their peonies were already breaking through the ground and mine weren’t even making an attempt, I got worried.

So, I was relieved yesterday when I found my sweet little peony poking through, standing tall and proud. . . almost as proud as its owner.


5 responses to “Spring

  1. I don’t know if I’d recognize a peony if it walked up and hit me in the head. Must find pics now…

  2. Can’t wait to see the beautiful blossoms I’m sure you’ll get.

  3. whooo hooo! Peony’s are a fav…right up there w/ hydrangeas and ranunculus, i love how full and fat their blossoms are.

  4. My peonies are up too. Mine are heirloom plants as well, coming from my grandmother to my mom to my aunt to me. Most are under an eave, but tonight I must put a box over the one that’s exposed to the elements. COLD air predicted. I hope I remember.

  5. Mine are coming up too. I have about 3 plants and each is in a different area around the house and near the mailbox. They are all in different stages, I guess due to how much sun they receive.

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