I fought this bug and the bug won. I spent my entire day lounging around, watching television and dozing. Seems to have helped some, as I was feeling a little better. The night-time congestion, sniffling and sinus pain have returned. I’m off to take some medication, get yet some more rest and hope that tomorrow I’ll venture outside this house.

Izzie is cold-natured and can often be found next to the bathroom vent.


2 responses to “Well

  1. Oh, sorry to hear that you lost the battle. Tea and avoiding milk always helped me with bronchitis (which is what I think you mentioned you had).

    Sending you many ‘get well soon!’ thoughts.

  2. Hope you’re starting to feel better. I’ve been sick 3x this winter and I’m praying that I stay healthy for the remainder of it.

    Very cute photo of Izzie! That’s a look of contentment. or annoyance, lol. I’ll go with content.

    Also wanted to send Happy bday wishes to the love of your life!

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