When I learned the new anesthesia they planned to use during my procedure today would wear off “immediately” and that they were “ahead of schedule”, my first thought was (after fasting for nearly 40 hours) was “Where are we going to eat?” After eating, my next question was “Think we can stop by the knit shop?”

We snagged food at Shiraz (which fit the bill exactly!), did indeed stop by the knit shop, hit an exclusive consignment shop and a favorite bookstore. That was enough, however, I was ready for a two-hour nap. . . seems my enthusiasm got the best of me.

Dread, as I said, is a funny thing. Nothing is ever as bad as you imagine. I survived the prep, I made it through the test and I didn’t fall apart.


One response to “Aftermath

  1. needlefingers

    So glad all went well. 🙂

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