I was craving something sweet, so I made the best of that obsession and turned it into a short walk to get some Ben and Jerry’s. Along the way I spoke to a cat and he ran to me. Such a sweet kitty. I couldn’t help but to rub on him as he spoke back to me. My new pal attempted to follow me along the rest of my walk and across the parking lot. I had to shew and fuss at the kitty in an attempt to keep him out of harm’s way. I thought I had succeeded. However, whenever I came out of the store with my ice cream in hand, there he sat, waiting to greet me. He followed me back to where I’d first met him in time for his feeder to emerge from the house. She agreed to distract my new friend while I made my escape.

I was sad to leave him. He was so very sweet. I still feel guilty for fussing at my new friend. I wish I’d taken my camera and let you meet him too.


One response to “Finish

  1. Oh that is really sweet!

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