Cynical and I are challenging ourselves to make some changes. A little bit of refocusing, if you will. And in order to do that, we’ll need to make some choices. First up: cable. By reconsidering cable, I don’t mean that we’ll replace it with a satellite version; I mean we will nix it all together. I just keep thinking of all the time I have spent watching tv and all of the things I could be doing, learning or accomplishing. Lots to think about.


One response to “Free

  1. I’ve never looked back from giving cable the axe. Netflix and Hulu are sneaking up into it’s place but are much easier to control. I love that the kids are not used to evenings full of thoughtless mind suck by the tv. Instead we have habitats built from shoe boxes, budding chefs, and lots of books on our shelves that have been read!

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