Shaelyn Shawl

Blocking is often the rewarding moment in my knitting process, particularly when it comes to a shawl. I had gotten up early this morning in preparation to head to the yard sale I mentioned. I had blocked the shawl the night before and when I awoke, it was nice and dry and ready to be removed from the pins that held it in place. I couldn’t wait until I got home, I had to do it in those early morning hours, before the light was even peeking through the windows. And I am in love. Yellow is not something I wear often, but I am drawn to it. This was intended to be a gift, but I’m not sure I can part with it. I used Yarn Daze Prairie (which is described as Sport online) in Sunflower. I’ve used Yarn Daze before and it’s such a lovely yarn and the colors so gorgeous.

In other news, the yard sale did not disappoint. The annual neighborhood event has always proven fruitful for me. Despite the rain, I was able to spend less than $40 and land a sweet little wooden desk; new, appropriately-sized pet carrier to replace our much-too-large version; a little folding table destined to join us when we camp; a travel jewelry case(which had never been used and was one of the items on my Christmas wish list); a waterproof back-pack type bag/purse; a woven purse; sweet black shoes; a never-used messenger bag/laptop case; an orchard basket and lots of books: Sister Carrie, A Little History of the World, Quiet Your Mind, Mockingbird, Delta Wedding, John Adams, Letter to my Daughter (Maya Angelou) and The Creative License.

I wrapped up my day with a little knitting, a visit from our neighbor, and dinner and pillow shopping with my beloved. We ended the day surrounding a fire pit, visiting with neighbors and new friends. A good day, a very good day.


One response to “Reward

  1. Very lovely shawl. I’m drawn to yellows too, but I struggle to find yellow shades that compliment my complexion.

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