We’re leaving soon for this vacation of ours. Cynical has a busy week full of long hours ahead. We used today to get some of the traditional preparation done. Suitcases were unearthed, clothing strewn around the house, a basket filled with odd items we’d need including coffee, a grinder, corkscrew and extra camera cards. Lists were made, tour tickets booked and last minute decisions solidified. We’re in the final stretch. I cannot wait. I’m ready, oh, so ready.

What do you like to knit while traveling? What makes the cut for traveling?


One response to “Again

  1. Projects for traveling… I usually bring a pair of socks to knit since I like to knit plain socks – good when there are a lot of distractions around. I also like to bring hats and shawls. As long as one project is detailed enough to hold my interest while I can give it my full attention I’m good. I’m also a chronic overprepared packer when it comes to knitting =)

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