Thursday, October 20

Cynical started our day with a swim in the pool. We’ve become accustomed to this pool and parting will be such sweet sorrow.

Today was to be our relaxing day on the island, so we lounged in bed most of the morning before venturing out to a few local shops, buying a few gifts and perusing a unique junk store. Some neat little stops. I could have spent a great deal of time at the Fish Art store as there were so many things to see. Literally aisle after aisle of collectibles and junk!

We went into Savannah again for lunch at Belford’s, my last chance at fried green tomatoes. Tea so sweet that I actually had to dilute it this time. We decided to walk along Broughton Street and visit a few stores there. Cynical claimed a Star Trek ornament and I got lost in the Savannah Bee Company. Our second attempt at visiting Unwind was fruitless as they were closed yet again. However, the trip was redeemed when we found our own Abuelita’s hot chocolate on the way home.

Once back home we donned our swimsuits and long sleeves and braved the cooler temperatures at the beach. Virtually abandoned, we sat alone on the beach for a bit before heading back for a dip in the pool.

We dined at Bubba’s for dinner, getting yet some more seafood and sharing some keylime pie.

Our relaxing day had been a good one. Man, we love that pool.


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