And so we are back to reality. Today was hectic, but productive. It’s tough to readjust to a work schedule. We ran errands, but eventually I found myself at home catching up on television shows. (Ironically, not Desperate Housewives.) We’re still contemplating the demise of cable at Chez Ragged.


2 responses to “Monday

  1. yooooouuuuu
    (ok, netflix has been having a bit of bad publicity but we’re stickin’ with ’em at least for the time being…and $8 beats the $80 we were paying direct tv. Hulu+internet+tv antenna +amazon prime has been decent for us)

    • raggedaroundtheedges

      I need to pick your brain a bit. . . and perhaps get some ideas. We are forever dedicated to some of our shows and don’t want to miss them.

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