The light was beautiful and made for an incredible drive. The trees were illuminated. It’d been in the works for weeks, but finally, today, our plans were set in motion.

A while ago I had made plans to meet up with Kate and Art for a little mayhem two hours south. I’d met both before, but this would a true test of their tolerance for my brand of humor, my incessant analyzing and all of the other annoying traits I just can’t seem to hide.

Kate was so very kind to host me in her home and Lydia was so very sweet to plan the trip. After catching up a bit  and perhaps a little wine, we drove around until we forced poor Kate to choose our spot for dinner. Bosco’s provided not only a great menu, but some local beer as well. My new found love for beer was my first admission to my two hostesses. Of course, there were many to come.

A late night of talking, analyzing and confession was just what I wanted and needed. Thanks to both for listening, for being so open and of course, so accepting. Ever only met someone a few times, but feel an instant and complete connection. That’s the case with these girls. I find myself unfiltered, and eager to learn more about two of the most interesting, intriguing and intelligent women I know. I thank you for that, girls, making a safe space for all of us to talk at will and spill our guts no matter how nasty they are.


2 responses to “Friday

  1. I have to tell you, you nearly brought a tear to my eye. I feel the same about you completely.

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