I have this thing, this phobia. . . of someone having to wait on me. So, despite how very, very comfy I was in the guest room at Kate’s house, I finally got up and got a shower why my friends slept.

And that began my day: sneaking around, fighting off another phobia: fear of rushing someone and of course, fear of waking someone up.

Everyone woke up, apparently on their own accord, and we got ourselves ready and headed to the Fiber in the Boro event in Murfreesboro. My only taste of the town had been shortly after college when I joined an exboyfriend and his buddies to see a ‘rasslin match which featured Captain Lou Albano. Let’s leave it at that.

This, however, proved to be a much more fruitful and memorable occasion. I had confessed my giddiness over seeing the Knitting Notions booth where I envisioned myself spinning in circles arms full of unwound skeins; perhaps I’d be singing a song from “The Sound of Music.” The girls were kind enough to humor me and luckily I refrained from all spinning and most singing. We perused the booths several times, some of us breaking from the pre-established plan of action. A nice, brisk, but sunny day. Great company. Cinnamon rolls. Pretty yarn. Good people watching. And multiple spinning wheels to admire, including one I think we could make ourselves, given the right tools, PVC pipe and a wheelchair wheel. So fun to spend the day with creative folks with cutting senses of humor and kind hearts. And the lovely felted hats. . . an inspiration and a while new thing to covet.

We ate lunch at Mimi’s Cafe, got far too much food for our fundage (my father would be proud) and despite the neglectful waiter had a great time.

The hostesses indulged me with a trip to Whole Body and Whole Foods where I did this time spin a bit and lose my balance. I hadn’t a clue what I really wanted to look for, but I think I wanted the inspiration of being there and to absorb the possibilities. I landed some household cleaner and chocolate-covered cherries. Another neurosis realized: inconveniencing someone for one of my silly whims.

Alas, it was time for me to load all of my stuff into the car and head back to where I came from. I once again braved the nightmare that is the 24-40 exchange in Nashville and knocked out part of the trip talking to my brother and the rest listening to late 70s rock. I was home, safe and sound, but wishing I had a few more hours to visit with two really great people.


2 responses to “Saturday

  1. It was sooooo fun! I would have asked to go to Whole Foods if you hadn’t so no worries there!!! I hope we can see you again soon, from one great person to another!!! Those of us who value the meaning of family must stick together, seeing as we’re co-dependent anyway.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Very happy for you!

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