The morning was so peaceful and our first meal so nice and pleasant. Everyone was able to come, making it special.

As we drove, however, I felt tension fill my body and mind. My cousin was the diffuser, he kept it light and I found that simply leaving the room periodically steeled me a bit.

She still ruled the day. She still was curt and overwhelming, rude and too much. I’m not sure why I even let her join me for late night Black Friday shopping, but we surived. He reminded me that others speak highly of her, but perhaps they aren’t the brunt of her comments.

Photo: She knows she’s not supposed to be up there, and is pretending she doesn’t see me.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. The survival.

  2. The post, so poignant. Well said and well handled. And the kitty, makes me smile!!!!! 🙂

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