I’m grateful for these four days. I keep wanting to make them last forever. I did my best. Another round of Black Friday shopping with my Cynical, lunch at a favorite spot. After he left I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I was drawn to his closet and organized it for him, moving warm winter clothes into the spots where short sleeved shirts and shorts were.

I somehow caught my second wind and decided to pull out our Christmas decorations.This year I wanted it to be a little more basic, a little more simple. I also felt the call of purging, and cleared out some decorations that held no meaning or that I didn’t have an attachment to. And I boxed up a few things in the house for safe keeping; they’ll make a reappearance after the holidays are over and the decorations are packed away. It’s a balance, isn’t it, between embracing the holidays, but not overwhelming yourself with them. This was my attempt.

A little tree for our bedroom covered in vintage and handmade ornaments.


One response to “Friday

  1. Very pretty!

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