It feels a bit like the calm before the storm; but it feels good nonetheless. We stayed up much too late last night and I got up much too early to suit me, so I began my day with a mid-morning nap. Eventually I found food and took a shower. Our afternoon was spent with my sister-in-law and the littlest one. We stacked spools, ate Clementines, jumped on the bed, giggled and laughed. Eventually the smallest member of our party was in need of a little break, as I suspect was her mother. I fear we don’t have a very child-friendly house and that makes for some stressful moments for moms. I hate that, we really don’t mind little hands and their curiosity.

Seems upon their departure Cynical was ready for a nap, and I thought, foolishly, that I was up for a movie. Instead, apparently I needed another nap. We were awakened by a call to dinner. We scampered around and met my family for Mexican food and a few margaritas. My nephew convinced us we needed gelato and we were easily swayed.

We played Words with Friends with our favorite 16-year-old before he headed home and we headed to bed. Too many naps resulted in me staying up later than I had anticipated while Cynical snoozed in our nice warm bed.


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