I’ve had a Kindle for some time now and as some of you may know, recently they joined the other eReaders out there in allowing users to download books from participating libraries.

And I had big plans to do so, but never got around to going through the motions and looking into it. So, when I went to the library over the weekend and saw that the staff would be hosting several eReader classes, I made note.

Now I have the best of intentions in the winter, but as I said to a friend recently, once I get home it’s hard to get me back out. That being said, I mustered enough momentum to get myself back out of the house and to the library, where I joined about 20 others eager to start the downloading!

I’m sure some will say that I could have read and easily figured it out myself, but I sometimes think it’s a good idea to be in an environment where you can ask questions, share information with other people and perhaps pick up some stuff that no one has written about or isn’t included in the directions or carefully listed steps.

Not a big learning experience. I can’t do open heart surgery. I can’t change out the belts in my car. But I will be able to download a little more easily books about any of those things.


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