Because I got nothing else done today except these photos:

From the top:

Lightweight Pullover: I think I already talked enough about this pullover, but I did get some better shots of it today and couldn’t resist including it again.

Anastascia Cardigan: I used Cascade Eco Wool that has been in my stash for ages and as I knit it, I kept wondering if I could handle the itchiness of fabric. A good soak and I am convinced I can, sooooo much softer. An easy knit, but a rewarding one. I actually wore this one. I adore the designer. I had originally planned for wooden buttons, thinking this needed something earthy, but then I found these and I was set.

Peasy Cardigan: Wow, this one has been done for ages. Once I got past the veg matter in the yarn, I was pleased. A few things to keep up with as I knit this one, got sidetracked a few times, but I love the weight of this. I adore these buttons. I love that they are tiny and intricate.

Featherweight Cardigan: I had saved this yarn for something special. And this was special. As I was knitting it, it was much like a piece of wrinkled mess, but once I steamed it, much, much better. The nature of laceweight yarn. I wish I hadn’t done a ribbing for the band, maybe just a garter. Laceweight on larger needles in ribbing just seems webby to me.

Thermis Cowl: So simple, so quick, but really rewarding. I love, love, love the buttons.

Simple Socks: These have been done for ages as well. I actually used some Spunky Ecclectic that had been hidden in my stash for ages. Easy and comfy.


4 responses to “Knitting

  1. What a parade of FO’s! They each look lovely.

    I have sweaters constantly on the brain but am limited to cardigans right now. Plus why start something when my body seems to be constantly changing?

  2. Kissed Knitter

    Beautiful stuff!

  3. When I see these photos, I want to come to your neck of the woods, get Farmwife to introduce us officially, and have you teach me until our fingers are tired and our eyes can’t see anymore. You are so gifted. And I will always treasure the adorable hats you made my little boy.

  4. Your Peasy looks great…wish I didn’t have to give up on mine but it was time :/ Another knitalong…when we find something in common again šŸ™‚

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