Wednesday, April 4: Good Signs

You plan and you plan. You prepare. You might even pack (if you are a conscientious traveler). And it seems like it will never get here and then, all of a sudden it’s time to throw your stuff in the car and hit the road. This vacation is no different.

So, today, I snuck away a little early, threw a few more things in the suitcase and we eventually loaded our crap up, headed to Nashville and parked at a hotel near the airport.

It’s about the journey for me, so I typically like all legs of the trip. I like to make the best of the whole package, if I can. We didn’t have a lot of time, but some Mexican food and a margarita got us off to a good start. Oh, and a machine offering Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper made me so very happy. It is a sign. I’m sure of it. This is going to be fantastic. . . if it kills me!


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