Saturday, April 7: Farewell NOLA, Hello Voyager

Today was two-fold: our final hurrah in NOLA and our transition to the Royal Caribbean’s Voyager. We started our morning much as we had the two days before, with a quiet breakfast in the courtyard.

We walked to Canal yet again, traipsing up and down the street before finding our way to the Mighty Mississippi and Jackson Square where we came across a sweet little wedding, admired the work of acrobats, bought a voodoo doll and took more photos. It was our farewell to NOLA. I was sad to leave, feeling there was more to see, more to experience, more food to try, more music to absorb. As an added treat, we rediscovered the duo from the night before, in nearly the same spot on Royal, moving us all over again. Goodbye, New Orleans, we will meet again.

Boarding the boat was bittersweet, I’d just become accustomed to our sweet NOLA, but I was so very ready for a few days at sea. If you will recall. . . this vacation was, in part, about relaxation. And we have over two days ahead of us to do just that. I had visions of chaise lounges, reading, podcasts, snacks and sleep dancing in my head. And I have a feeling those visions will be realized.

We eventually returned to the hotel, snagged a cab and headed to he pier. We made our way to the back of the line where I decided to go rogue and smuggle on two bottled Diet Cokes. I’m wild and impulsive that way (said as I stood in absolute fear I’d be busted and hung in the public square.)

Once on the boat, as gold members (Ooooooh, aaaaah! I know you are impressed), we made our way onto the boat and into the first of the staged onboard photos. And this time, we’d get it right. The first photo on our last cruise was categorically the worst one ever taken of us. We’d have to right this wrong! Seriously, we cheesed it and we cheesed it up well.

It was time to visit our room, dump our stuff off, open the balconey doors and settle into our new home for a few days. We hung out a bit before we explored our new home (for the next seven days). We made our way along the Promenade and eventually we set sail, chugging along the Mississippi River, much like Huckleberry Finn, except in a big huge boat full of 3,700 of our closest friends, a movie theater and an ice rink. Somewhere along the way, I found the drink of the day, a Caribbean Tea, comprised of rum and other good stuff. The key to a good cruise drink: rum.

We met our fellow dinner companions for a casual dinner and we made it to the comedic show featuring Rod Long. And then, it was sleep, sleep, sleep. We’re off to great places, we’re off and away.

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