It’s marvelous. It’s incredible. . . to encounter a group of the funniest, most creative, most accepting and open women. . . and to get to spend the entire weekend with them. I feel blessed. I feel inspired. I feel stress free. I feel accepted. I only hope they feel the same way. Those instant connections. That amazing sense of belonging. I want to bottle it.

Our lazy morning morphed into brunch with my brother, his wife and their little one, a tour of the garden and a visit to a shoe store. We meandered downtown, we met up with the family for ice cream and before I knew it I was being served yet another meal full of caring and love. The little one. . . so strong, so independent, so loving, so sweet, so vocal. . . I love watching her grow and change.

Wine wrapped up the night and I snuggled in knowing that the next day I’d pack up my stuff, load my car and leave behind some of the most wonderful people I know. But I’d take with me an incredible set of memories, some of which will make me giggle to myself, some of which will make me feel warm all over as I recall the camaraderie and connections. I miss them already. Friends and family.


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