5. Them

There are those that you love and that love you back. And often we are reminded of that unconditional love when we are in the midst of something tough. I was reminded Sunday and today of the true compassion, caring and acceptance of my loved ones. The sweet, sweet e-mail. The red eyes sad because we are sad. The phone calls. The caring words. The continued “checking in”. No one questioned our grief. No one questioned our expression of it.

Those true to us never minimalized the loss. They listened. They were compassionate. They got it. They understood that the same unconditional love we share with them, we held for her, perhaps in a different way, but in the same sentiment.

I am most grateful for Him. Despite his own sadness and grief, he watched out for me, held onto me and loved me. I hope I did the same for him. I’m learning that when you grieve together, you hold tight. Otherwise, you’d pull apart.


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