My youngest brother was working Saturday, so we offered to “take” the kids for the day. We played in the hotel room, making ourselves into burritos and building forts with pillows. We ate at Tupelo Honey for lunch. . . and I am still thinking about their biscuits.

Afterward we joined the two littlest ones for a little time on the trampoline before dinner.

Finally, we were all together at Sunny Point for dinner. A table full of our family, children, adults, moms, dads, aunts and uncles. My oldest brother spun a fabulous tale that kept the girls enthralled. The food was marvelous, but the company amazing. Seeing my loved ones all around me was, as always, filling.

I’m amazed at each of them and still recall the first time I saw them. . . and how I instantly felt connected to each little soul, how I was instantly protective and enamored.

As for the littlest one, she is so very soothing, so very peaceful and so very unique. A wonderful head of hair and a sweet disposition.

Her older sister continues to amaze me. She’s so very verbal, so very clear in what she’s got to say and what she wants. I love that she’s fearless and sweet at the same time.

And there’s our little five-year-old boy, overwhelmed by all of the girl stuff going on around him. Such a little old man with such a politeness and a contemplative nature. I find him immediately in sync with us.

As for the oldest girl. . . she’s a reader and I cannot get enough of that. Expressive, mesmerized by her father and so very, very in charge.

I am blessed, so very blessed.


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