Lately I’ve been a little overwhelmed. I am often much too hard on myself and find far too many things that need doing and far too many things to fret over. the list above is the first of multiple pages. Some of the tasks require more than others. Some are simple. However, as I add to it, I realize how overwhelming our life can be.

So, today I am working to embrace the blessings before me, the ones I miss when I’m making a list, developing a plan or fretting.

And today I remind myself that I have come to know who my true friends are. I’ve come to appreciate them even more. I’ve learned that sometimes you find them in the places you least expected.

Tonight I read poems by Robert Frost. He’ll be in the queue again as I found his words so peaceful.


One response to “Blessings

  1. Kissed Knitter

    Who’s your favorite poet and poem?

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