In my search for balance, I’ve been dedicating the first part of my evenings alone to chores and the infamous list; leaving the latter part for more leisurely endeavours.

In keeping with my plan to tackle that growing list, I made four batches of detergent; tried a new softener concoction and stirred up some general/window cleaner using a recipe we like. And there were other things on the list: soil sampling, cleaning up the soapy mess I made, laundry, some seeding and weeding; and clearing of leaves.

In the end though, I was that wonderful tired that you get from getting things done and I melted into bed in time for one television show, a little mindless knitting and some reading from The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis including JFK’s innaugural poem written by Robert Frost and all of the words to a favorite anthem.

In those moments I felt satisfied: satisfied that I’d been productive, content in beautiful poetry and anticipating a restful night.


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