Sunshine started our day, making our second round at the festival more comfortable. There’s something about sunshine that, honestly, makes anything a little easier.

More yarn. Festival Food. Yummy Nuts. It’s all good.

And before I knew it, we were heading home. After a brief stop in Illinois, I made my way south, singing, of course.

This weekend, to my surprise, jump-started my birthday (which is still a month away) thanks to my wonderful friends. Jenny kicked it off with my very own first Birchbox of garden goodies. Sweet little gifts packaged safely in a treasure box. I won’t let myself empty it out, and I keep reopening it as if it was for the first time. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

And upon my arrival in Illinois, Needlefingers and Ramblin’ treated me to perhaps three of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. I’m still touched and so very, very grateful. First up came a vintage style necklace with none-other-than the Girl Scout patch for reading. So appropriate, so personal. Next up, a tiny little recycled zipper bag with a “bird on it”. Again, so appropriate and will sooooo be put to good use. And finally, an assortment of garden tags made out of old silverware and stamped. Needlefingers had managed carefully coerced out of me my garden plans, so each one was chosen with care. I cannot tell you how honestly taken I was. The planning, the thought, the taste. So sweet.

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