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I have a lot on my plate. And the plate gets heavier and more unmanageable no matter how hard I try, how many tasks I finish or plans I make.

Today I did a bit of catching up. I’d neglected the house for far too long. I had a garden that needed aerating. I had weeding to be done. I needed to make cleaners. I needed to do a lot of stuff.

And as Cynical picked up an extra shift, I found myself with  more than enough time. So, today was a day of work, despite it being a Sunday. It’s rewarding, you know.

I did manage to take a little time to photograph my Greencastle haul and goodies. . . I don’t think I realized how much I snagged until now. Did I mention I bought soap?

Oops. . . I should have also mentioned that the two other photos include my pre-birthday stash of good stuff. I have good friends, very good friends. Below is my stashola of goodies, purchased and received.



One response to “Home

  1. What a beautiful rainbow of yarn you got! It’s so lovely all together.

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