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Even though I wanted a little more sleep, Cynical’s wanted to go yard saling. . . and I am glad we did. We filled the backseat of the car with lots of “treasurers”. We found everything from luggage to rain ponchos , from vintage knitting patterns to the motherload of trade paperbacks.

We stopped by the Farmer’s Market for the last of the tomato plants I wanted. I’m venturing into three new kinds this year and am slightly giddy with hope that they produce. After breakfast we opted for a mid-morning nap before going to our niece’s first birthday party.

After cake, presents, some sweet time with the kids and a visit with the adults, we made our way home for chores. The house had been neglected all week. Floors needed mopping. Sheets needed washing. Tubs needed cleaning.

I even found time to block my shawl, and sneak in some time on the porch.


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