I and Love and You

pizzaIt’s been a while since we’ve taken a road trip, just the two of us, with our own schedule and our own loosely defined plan. We packed our bags, patted the cats and hit the road to see the Avett Brothers in Nashville. We’d decided to make a weekend of it, knowing we are much too old and lazy to go to the concert and then drive through the night to get back home.

As much as we don’t plan to, we always stop in our old college town. Whether by habit or due to nostalgia, we are drawn there. He suggested the yarn shop. I suggested the Mellow Mushroom. And soon we were back on the road heading south.


He agreed to the Haus of Yarn. I agreed to checking into the hotel for a nap. And soon we were headed downtown for dinner and beer tasting, by happenstance, it seems, at the Rock Bottom Brewery.


Foolishly we opted to meander through downtown, pushing our way through the crowds.

Eventually we opted to head toward the venue, buy some merchandise and find our seats, hoping for a meet-up with Art. It was nice, that quiet time before the concert, hanging out, having a drink (or two) and awaiting the show.

Art did indeed meet up with us for a pre-concert visit, making the entire trip that much sweeter.

And then it was concert time. . . the boys hit the stage and I was mesmerized. I was also grateful for seats along the rail. No one blocking my view. They sounded great. I think they even won over Cynical, which is no easy task.

Energizing. Fun. Intense.

Time for bed.


Painter HatchPartyBikesFountain

Decide what to be and go be it.


One response to “I and Love and You

  1. The concert was amazing but seeing you was just as amazing! Can’t wait until our little trip!!!

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