The ticklist for this trip was tricky. Doctor’s visit. Check. Visit with my aunt. Check. Decompression session with my best friend. Check.

I’ve never minded traveling alone. As much as I love company, I am always just as at ease riding alone in my car. The sun was shining. I’d packed plenty of music. I felt comfortable with my loaded GPS.

The doctor’s visit was positive, fruitful and settling. The time with my aunt was well spent. It’s a slow process, helping her learn to trust and lean on me. It will be time well spent, but it’s a test of patience and an opportunity to show love.

Wrapping up the trip with a longer-than-expected visit with a dear friend was perfectly timed. I needed to see her. Despite being “amped up” from the drive and the day, I feel most like myself around her. No pretense. No stress. Now showmanship. Just two girls talking, sharing and soaking up the honesty. She’s my match. She’s what I needed.

I got home much later than expected.


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