Up earlier than I’d wanted, but the farmer’s market and yarn shoppe sale were calling my name. The stands were full of fresh vegetables and fruits. . . I found my share and stopped for an interview with the radio station. I loaded the car with new music and meandered through the scenic route on my way to the yarn shoppe sale. I had to get there early to get the maximum savings (grin). Whereas yarn shopping was fun, I think I most enjoyed the trip over there. Everything was beautiful and lush. Folks were out enjoying the cool weather. The riverfront was filled with a group yoga session. Others were shopping at another little outdoor market. All of the best parts of summer.

Afterward I cleaned house. I always find reward in my domestic chores. I opened the windows, letting in the fresh, sweet breeze. I cleaned the floors on my hands and knees, something most would think is unreasonable, but I found therapeutic. Fresh laundry. Clean floors. Rugs shaken. Beds made. New vacuum broken in. Kitchen spotless. Mint sweet tea as my reward.

My mom stopped by for a bit and we visited despite my sweaty, dust covered appearance. It was nice as we sat on the porch. The porch, the sweet, sweet, comfortable porch.

We cooked fresh vegetables. We ate some cobbler. We enjoyed the sweet corn. Summer, wonderful summer.

Movies together that night. Some basic knitting. Snoring cats. It was a good day, a good day for all.


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