I joined Mom and the little one for lunch. She was such a treat, pushing the boundaries, telling stories, challenging me. I loved it. I recorded her singing and we watched it over and over and over again. She was snuggling and clinging to me and I literally could not get enough.

I was surprised at how really, really tired I was. After I got home and did my daily chores, I snuggled on the bed for a bit, taking a wee nap. His call woke me and I was grumpy as we shopped for groceries, and probably a bit reckless in my selections.

My brother wanted to peruse Goodwill and I wanted to sleep, but I wanted time with him more. He joined us for his second dinner, a much later one and we ventured to the grocery again for ice cream. We vented. We shared. I ranted, going from a four to a seven and back down again. I wish he was nearby more often.


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