Seems that there are these lulls in our schedules and then there are those moments when we can’t catch our breath. October is much like the latter, it appears and a few things have had to give way to those things we really have to do and those things we really want to do.

So, we booked a vacation, planned a concert trip and will be traveling for work, all within a three-week period. Whereas it’s all good stuff, it’s a lot of good stuff to cram into a short period of time, wedged in between some very stressful work weeks and multiple obligations.

I’m not complaining, just taking a deep breath and jumping in. Alas, we are so very fortunate.

So, as we bid farewell to September and hello to October, I want to take a moment to recall what I learned over the last month:

1. Trying something new is good for the soul, good for the mind and a great way to spend time.

2. Nothing is ever as bad as you think it’s going to be. Dread never helps the situation.

3. The television doesn’t have to be on.

4. Old stuff is good stuff.

5. Don’t get lost in the details, enjoy the big picture.


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