Hello, October. We know that fall officially begins in September, but for some reason October marks the start for me.

As I mentioned we have quite an exciting and busy October ahead of us. I have some big plans for October and I think we’ll get to most of them. I have, however, set some smaller, personal goals for the next 31 days. Here goes:

1. Drink a glass of water each day. Ok, so many of you may be good about this and pat yourself on the back, but darnit, I don’t seem to drink enough. Or that’s what I keep telling myself as I suck down blackberry tea.

2. Call four friends. I may have mentioned my dislike for the telephone. I don’t like the cell phone any better and in fact, may detest it more. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because being on the phone makes me sit down and focus. Despite the reasons, I am always rewarded by talking to my loved ones and I am always wishing I did it more often. Not a text. Not an e-mail. Not a Facebook post, but actual spoke words.

3. Purge. So, you got me here. I am always purging. You’d think I’d run out of stuff, but I want to continue the trend toward less.

4. Find new music. I have two CDs on their way as I type this, releases by some favorites (Patty Griffin and the Avett Brothers), but I find such joy in finding new stuff.

5. Photograph. I used to take a photo of everything I did or experienced. Now I struggle to get a photo in before bedtime for posting on the blog. I miss that. I need to do that.

6. Record my gratitude. So simple. So overlooked.

Today I am grateful for the quiet, for the beautiful light and the gentle breeze.


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