IMG_8011I am off. Just off a little, but enough so that I am not quite back into my routine and many things are going undone. I haven’t downloaded photos from either recent trip. I have yet to really get all of the laundry done. Our mums, still frozen from the recent frosts, are sadly sitting on the porches. It’s fine. I’ll eventually get back into my groove, or else I’ll create a new one. We’re back. We’re home and it’s where we’ll be for a little bit. Portland was marvelous. Portland was cold and rainy. Portland was my kinda place. Amazing food. Great coffee. Green attitude. Walkable. Inviting. Creative. Conscious. I want to go back. . . and some days I dream of going back for good.

I’m still in a bit of a fog. I’m blaming all of the travel, time changes and dip in temperatures. My body wants to begin hibernation, but my mind is still clawing to get back in touch and on top of things.

The week has been quiet. We’ve been settling back in, one step at a time. I often do my best pondering when we travel. I have time to daydream. I take the opportunity to break away. I am able to gain a different perspective. So, I’m working to institute some of the changes I contemplated, to incorporate my new take and to dig into my life from a different angle.

For now, however, I might just take a breath, wear a warm sweater and let these fall days wash over me. What’s the rush?

IMG_8009 IMG_7999 IMG_7997 IMG_7987 IMG_7955 IMG_7946 IMG_7984 IMG_7967


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