I read something recently, and I honestly cannot recall where, but the gist of her (I am certain it was a her) comment was that we get to decide who can knock us down and who can’t. That might not seem powerful to those of you out there that are self-realized and have escaped the trap of self-loathing. But, to me, it was somehow eye-opening. It’s simple, yes. It’s basic, yes. It’s something I probably already knew and maybe something I’d been told before.

I’m not quite sure what it was about those words, but I even felt the need to share them with Cynical. I’m not sure they impacted him quite the way it did me, but when something hits you like that, you wanna throw it at someone else.

So, I get to decide. It’s an odd concept for me: deciding. It’ll take some getting used to, but here goes. I’ve decided that I do know a thing or two and sometimes I know more about something than you do. I’ve decided that even though I’m overweight it doesn’t mean I’m lazy or gluttonous and it doesn’t make me less of a person any more than having straight hair or green eyes. I’ve decided that I am wrong sometimes, but I’d rather be wrong or mess up than never take a risk or conjecture or talk out loud. I’ve decided that you aren’t always right, just because you say you are. I’ve decided I am as good, as strong and as capable as you are. And I’ve decided that you don’t have the power. You can talk and I can listen, but pointing out my flaws to make yourself feel better or continually announcing yourself as the best and the smartest, will get you nowhere with me. I’m taking away your self-assigned superpowers. I’m giving myself a few.


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