Time seems to have gotten away from me. Cynical has asked several times if I’ve posted and if I’ve been writing. The answer is just “no”. No explanation attached. No excuse. I just haven’t been into it. Sure, there are things to share, thoughts to pen, but I just can’t seem to put fingers to the keyboard.

After we returned from our back-to-back trips, I kept meaning to write. And then there was work. And then there was Christmas stuff and before I knew it, I was sitting here on December 16.

I’ve been living my life, just not writing about it. There was a nice, quiet Thanksgiving, full of surprise visits from cousins from afar. There have been late night conversations with my brothers, some including some powerful revelations. There have been concerts and movies and music and good food. Life has been full.

There has been quiet time. Many peaceful moments alone, contemplating, planning and reflecting.

Alas, it’s much too distant now to write it all out, but I can make a little list or two to summarize:

1. Seeing Patty Griffin in concert was overwhelmingly good. I can still hear her voice resonate through the Brown Theatre.

2. I want to watch “Way, Way Back” again. I know there are so many treasures I missed the first time.

3. Beer and wine should be served at all movie theaters, not just the one around the corner from our hotel in Portland.

4. I miss my friends. I miss my real friends, those that aren’t close in proximity, but those who are, as corny as it may sound, close to my heart. Near and dear.

5. Sometimes it’s the simple that’s the best. I am realizing that with my knitting these days. Simple stitches, simple yarn, uncomplicated construction.

6. I wish I had a dozen from VooDoo Donuts. I want another peach fritter.

7. We have more than we’ll ever need and we often forget it.

8. Naps are good, very good.

9. I want to visit Portland and Daufuskie again. I want to take a photo of each and everything we see. I want to relish the food, soak in the atmosphere and do it all over again.

10. Music, music, music. It’s been the theme of much of the past few months. . . and I suspect it will continue to be.

Enough for now. I promise to come out of my hole from time to time.


One response to “Time

  1. Did I read peach fritter? Jealous
    Welcome back to the blogisphere.

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