Tomorrow I am leaving for a bit of a whirlwind trip to North Carolina. Typically these jaunts are full of excitement, anticipation, fun, plans, and joyful times. And even though perhaps my reason for going isn’t very joyous, I hope that parts of my visit will be. I’m ready for good company, good food, little hands, a culture I long for and perhaps the solo road trip will be good for my soul.

I’ve been away from Cynical many times in my life. We’re not one of those couples that can count on one hand the number of nights we’ve spent apart. It’s just how we tick. We need our time together, but are realistic that there will be time apart. And sometimes it’s a good for each of us to have some solitude. However, I’ll miss his presence terribly this time. I wish he were traveling along beside me.

Here’s to smooth travel, adventurous pit stops and giggling little girls.

The photo above is, I think, from the first summer Cynical and I met. Young love, naïve love and growing love.


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