As we bid farewell to March and welcome April, I am taking a moment to reflect upon what I learned in March.

  • I can cook if I want to. I just have to want to. I don’t often cook. I usually just explain that I’m simply not good at it. Truth is, honestly, that I am not confident in my skills. However, I know when I set my mind to it, I can put it all together. I just need to do it more often.
  • Sun. . . it does the body good. I have always loved fall and winter. I liked the idea of slowing down. I loved the excuse to stay home, safe and warm. But the few bits of sun we’ve had here and there this spring have been amazingly good for the soul.
  • Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. This is a lesson that not only I learned this March, but I am reminded if it regularly. This too shall pass and you will figure it out. You just have to believe that.
  • Money is only money. You spend it where your priorities lie, and that’s your decision, not anyone else’s.
  • It’s hard being part of a family. My middle brother said that to me recently and he’s right. It’s often the hardest, but most rewarding thing. Lately, though, I’m still stuck on the hard part.



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