I’d hoped to set and achieve simple goals each month, working under the premise that creating a habit takes about 30 days I am told.

I’ve not done this theory justice, but I just keep putting it out there.

As April approaches, I see some clear goals, some obvious changes I can make:

Drink more water

I often neglect my body’s need for water. That being said, when I do hydrate in a good way, I know I feel so much better. This habit will perhaps be on every list I make.

Spend less

Cynical and I have described February and March as very “spendy months”. Some of this was completely out of our control, some of it was due to timing. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t hold back a bit. I get itchy and twitchy when I see that much money going out. So, it’s time to trim back a bit, hold back a bit and practice some good old thriftiness.

Slow down

I’m not an overly busy sort of person. I do have some times that are much more hectic than others. I find myself, oddly enough, moving at a rampant pace any time I have something before me, some task to tackle, something on my list or on my mind. I find that when I slow down, literally, and am more deliberate, I am more at peace. I find my tasks are completed more thoroughly and are therefore more rewarding. It’s not easy for me as it has to be a conscious effort.


We’ve been talking about this for about three years. And with spring upon is, it’s the perfect timing. It’s time to dig in. . . literally.

Four is my favorite number, so I think I’ll stop now and focus on those four things before me.


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