I know it’s cliché, but spring does truly bring about a rebirth and a renewal for me. This year’s it’s been more than the greening of the yard, the starting of the garden and all of the blooming going on around me. It’s been about some letting go, some internal review and even some honest “come to Jesus” meetings with ourselves.

I talk about purging a lot, but I rarely get to a point where I can truly see the fruits of my labor. After a concentrated (and a little haphazard) clearing of our basement, I am able to see the product of my work and of my “letting go”. I feel lighter, if that’s possible. Less stuff. Less clutter. Less to think about. It’s a bit of a circle, isn’t it?

Gone are the collections of things we kept in boxes. Present are the things we hold dear and make us smile.

After our yard sale this weekend, we were left with a lot less stuff and a little more money. My hopes are that the empty bin in the basement will slowly fill with additional items to shed and that those items will be donated, never again to pile up and consume our space and steal our serenity.

It’s a simple thing, isn’t it? Less stuff. Less to think about? Less to deal with? How did we ever end up filling our lives and our homes with so much stuff. I find that it’s a process for me and I’m on track to keep this up.

The garden is planted. Little sprouts are thriving thanks to the sun and rain. My neighbor and I are sharing tips and the results of our experiments disguised as garden plots.

We’re sleeping with the windows open, taking time to walk through the yard to soak up some sun. . . absorbing all that is bright and new.


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