The past few weeks have included some very special memories and moments for me. They’ve been packed with those personal connections that we each crave. I can be a hermit at times and I often forget how truly rewarding it is to have quality time with those we love.

A dear “old” friend and I were able to “connect” recently on several occasions, carving out some all-too-rare hours to spend together, just the two of us. It’s amazing to me that we connect so quickly and so completely each and every time. Nights of knitting. Thrifting time. Good food. Good conversation. It wasn’t enough. I want more.

Opening our home up to others has been something I wish we did more of. And why don’t we? Recently I hosted some friends for some knitting instruction and I was reminded of how wonderful it is to fill your home with laughter, friends and well, connections.

On Friday, as part of a work project, I got to spend the entire day with a colleague and discuss everything from gardening to politics. And despite the fact we were often on opposite sides of the fence, we got it and we appreciate each other’s views.

Over the weekend, we had another opportunity to share our home and our time with family and friends. More connections, more memories.

This week we’ll be joined by my brother and his children and soon thereafter, the rest of the family, my middle brother, his wife and their two girls will make the trek.

I’ve grown even more appreciative of the face-to-face time we have with those we love. We are blessed, so very blessed. Put away the phones. Put away the computers, look each other in the eye and connect.


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