Random (Summer)


I must confess that as I became an adult, I began to dread summer. Long gone were leisurely days of sunning, reading, swimming and sweet corn. Instead, summer began to mean yard mowing, hot temperatures, and a lot of work.


I’m not sure when things turned around for me. Perhaps it was sweet corn that first convinced me that summers had some redeeming qualities outside of sweet, sweeping grass clippings and buzzing mosquitos. Maybe it was when I planted a garden, and saw (literally) the fruits of my labors. Or it could be that sweet,¬†wonderful screened-in porch, shielding me from the sun and protecting me from the pesky mosquitos. Or, it could be the peach cobbler.


For whatever reason, I welcome summer. A while ago I gave up wearing skirts and shorts, for a very, very silly reason: I think my legs are chubby and unattractive. For a girl that hates to be hot, that doesn’t make much sense, does it?


I rediscovered my love for skirts this summer. . . the comfort, the coolness, the ease. And I’ve braved shorts several times. These simple, simple little changes have honestly made summer, well, obviously more comfortable and freed me from the heat just a tad. Simple and silly as it seems, the small things do change perspective.


Summer, you’ve become welcomed at our house, just remember to bring along sweet corn, peaches, a cool breeze or two and some friends to sit on the porch with us.

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