We just wrapped up a glorious three-day weekend. I know what we did, but I can’t remember when we did it. The days flowed beautifully together as the weather was fantastic and we had the perfect blend of busy and down times.

The sweet, sweet breeze on the 4th of July reminded me of the year we moved into our house. We’d selected that house partially due to its screened-in porch, but honestly didn’t anticipate using it much initially as we were getting the keys the first week in July. Well, the summer surprised us. It was incredibly mild and comfortable, spoiling us with the ability to leave the doors from the porch open, along with windows around the house. Sweet summer smells, access to another whole (outside) room and cooling breezes. . . it was marvelous. The summers to follow weren’t quite as inviting, but we still loved the porch.

Over our holiday weekend, we were once again able to let summer in. It’s amazing to me how refreshing it is to “air out the house”.

Between reading time on the porch, playing with two adorable kids, running errands, checking-in on a traveling friend’s cat and generally soaking up the ability to linger, I did see some fireworks, get my first taste of this season’s sweet corn and do a little knitting. Somewhere in there, we spent time with family, made a peach/blueberry cobbler and organized bottle caps.


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