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And it’s August. . . summer has literally flown by and I find myself a little in awe of not only how quickly it has gone, but all that we’ve done in the past few months.

My niece and nephew, en route from North Carolina to California, shared most of their summer with us. We spent our time celebrating 7th birthdays, teaching her to knit, sorting bottle caps, “wallering” each other and generally enjoying the luxury of having family in close proximity.

My brother was in as well and I must confess that I became spoiled to having him nearby. It wasn’t just the fact that he painted our kitchen and dining room for us (as well as picking out the colors), but probably most importantly that we had time, not enough of it, to catch up, chat, hang out and get to know each other all over again. It’s a treat we just don’t get in my quick visits to Asheville.

In the midst of their visit, we held our annual family and friends get-together at my folks’ house, which included the entire family: my middle brother, his wife and their two adorable daughters. . . . along with my college-going nephew. A wonderful, wonderful surprise and a truly memorable occasion to have all of us together, sharing memories, catching up and hanging out. I like to hang out, as you can tell.

In between all of that, my boss and mentor of 14 years retired, leaving a huge hole in my work life. I’m still absorbing the change, but trying to concentrate on the blessing afforded to me from her.

Oh, and then there was an amazing Sarah McLachlan show at the Ryman. Beautiful venue, amazing voice, intimate show. . . it was memorable.

Fandom Fest Comic Con in Louisville kicked off our August, much to the pleasure of Cynical. A fun time, but sadly, not enough time to hang out with family and friends in the area. Promises of rain checks will have to suffice.

I am hopeful August will bring more painting, more home improvements, additional sweet corn and our first fried green tomatoes of the season.


One response to “Flown

  1. i donno about you, but i’m always taken back by the…gloominess of a quiet house after everyone has left.
    Jealous about your Sarah concert. We were out of town the day she was here. I saw her in 1998 + the lilith faires in the 90s, but not since.

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