photoSummer is coming to an end. We all knew it would. And frankly I typically am very ready to bid farewell to hot, steamy days, mosquitoes, grass mowing and cat hair shedding.

As I’ve gotten older (yes, I just played the age card), I’ve come to appreciate summer. Fresh vegetables, eating outside, festivals and music in the park. It’s all good stuff.

Couple that good stuff with a very, very mild summer overall . . and well, I am going to miss the summer of 2014.

We’ve had time on the porch. We’ve ventured far and wide for indoor and outdoor music. I’ve had my share of iced tea, fried green tomatoes and fresh squash. It’s been good, very good.

Fall awaits and soon my “to do list” will contain a whole new set of things to accomplish. Cleaning the porch will fall off my radar. I won’t need to venture out to pick fresh basil. I won’t be cutting flowers back in the beds. I’ll be making chili, renting movies and pulling out the crockpot.

Each season brings its own delights. Fall will deliver a chance to wear warm sweaters, drink hot tea and add a few blankets to the bed. We’ll be raking leaves instead of mowing. We won’t be cursing mosquitoes, but will miss open windows.

And we’ll talk of the delights of the season past.

Alas, summer is almost over. . . but fall awaits.


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