Last weekend we got away. It was a little getaway, but “away” is key here. It was only a two-hour trek and it was only for one night, but I am always amazed at how such a little bit of time can rejuvenate you.

Nashville is just about two hours south of here. Lots to do. Lots to see. Good food. But what we seem to enjoy most is good thrifting. So, that’s how we began our day, thrifting. I had been looking forward to some good food, but sadly, our recommendations didn’t pan out and it was less than stellar. . . that is until Jeni’s Artisan Ice Cream saved the day. Alas, what can’t ice cream right?

Perks from the hotel, a nice large room, a hearty breakfast. . . it wrapped up our short little trip. We came home with a trunk full of finds, a grateful heart for some time alone and a lesson learned when it comes to reservations.

As for the rest of our week, it’s been peaceful. I’ve been fighting off a bug, which seems to have slowed me down a bit. That’s not a bad thing, afterall, to slow down a little. The summer garden is coming to an end. My carrots are still growing. I couldn’t resist pulling a few as I thinned them.

And there has been some television watching and some knitting. I’ve talked a good game about painting, but have yet to dip the brush into a bucket of paint. I’m hopeful the fact my painting brother is still in town will motivate me.

I’m pondering a trip to visit family. I can’t seem to nail down a date, but I find myself missing those Asheville folk so very much.


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