Daybook 1


I’m listening to: I’ve been listening to Patty Griffin. Right now it seems to be all Patty, all the time. However, I’m starting to sprinkle in some Counting Crows; I just can’t escape the 90s and well, they have a new CD out. . . due to be delivered any day.

I’m wearing: In an effort to appreciate my closet for what it’s worth AND to really make some decisions on paring it down, I am wearing something different every day for 30 days. Today it’s a thrifted linen shirt, my black capris and my glasses.

My to do list: I’m trying to keep my list short and sweet. Right now it’s full of “want to dos” vs. “have to dos” and I like it that way. I want to plant more Swiss chard in the garden. I want to listen to more music. I want to pull out autumnal decorations. I want to bake muffins.

I’m currently reading: I’m doing very little reading lately. . . honestly. However I’m drawn to pieces about and for writers. I think that’s an indication of where I’m headed.

I’m thinking about: Who I want to be when I grow up. I’m still trying to decide. And all I am certain of is that I want to be happy and loved. The rest will fill in as needed.

I’m praying about: Peace for those I love. Peace in my decisions. Peace in who I am.

I’m thankful for: Quiet. Words.

I love it when: I get my pillows positioned just right, and I can smell the lavender chamomile linen spray I just spritzed over them. And I’m perfectly comfortable. So comfortable that I begin to pray. Names and faces come to me. I pray for them, sometimes unsure as to what I am really seeking.

I love it when I find a sweet little ripe tomato in my garden long after I assumed the plant was producing anything.

I love it when I have my afternoon glass of cold tea and it is just enough to help me trudge through that last hour.



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