This week is a busy one. So busy in fact that I actually stopped to catch my breath yesterday. It’s all work-related. It’s nothing I haven’t tackled before. But it’s still a little overwhelming.

Last night Cynical worked and I was left to my own devices. We’d spent most of the weekend at home, relaxing and getting the “little stuff” done, so there wasn’t much for me to do other than wrangle the cats for medicine administration, fold a little laundry and clean-up after dinner.

It was rainy and stormy, so I spent the first part of my evening watching the weather and wondering which part of this massive storm would come our way. Luckily it was just rain and wind, we escaped unscathed. At some point the pitter-patter of the heavy rain just became soothing, once it was far less threatening and disconcerting.

In the midst of my stressful week, there were these few quiet hours where I sat, knitted, listened to the rain. I read a little, rubbed on my little striped cat, watched a little tv and even went to bed a tad early. We often get what we least realize we need. For me, it was respite.

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